Dolphin Shopping Centre sponsors new racing kit for Poole Cycle Speedway

Continuing its support for local community ventures, the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole is proudly sponsoring Poole Cycle Speedway’s new set of racing kit for the first team.

Lisa King, retail liaison manager at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, commented: “We’re delighted to continue our support for the Poole Cycle Speedway team. They’ve done so well this year and we want to help them continue to grow and celebrate their future successes.”

The Poole team came to fruition in 1974 and is the cycle racing equivalent of the motorised speedway sport.

Graham Sutton, club chairman at Poole Cycle Speedway, commented: “It’s been an incredible time for the team, with Poole rider Ben Mould beating fifteen of the world’s top racers to lift the title for 2019 ICSF World Cycle Speedway Championship at the World Championships in Poland at the weekend.

“Poole female racers also topped the World Championships, with Maddie Saunders taking the Silver in the 2019 ICSF World Under 16 Final and Macie Schmidt taking the Bronze in the 2019 ICSF World Women’s Final.”

Lisa King added: “We’re delighted to back this award-winning team and look forward to celebrating their successes.”

Every Tuesday evening, Poole Cycle Speedway hosts a Club Night, where the community comes together with children to teach them cycling and road safety, as well as the sport of cycle speedway.

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