Dolphin Shopping Centre introduces food bank outside Marks & Spencer

The Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole has introduced a food bank in the mall outside Marks & Spencer to encourage people to donate unwanted tinned or packet food.

This is a new initiative brought in by the Dolphin to make small steps along the way to address Poole’s environmental footprint and help reduce the high levels of food waste locally. As a simple solution to wasting less through the sharing of good quality food, the Dolphin’s Food Bank accepts long-life produce from shoppers and residents.

Volunteers from Faithworks Wessex, a local charity that aims to equip and inspire people on their journey out of isolation and financial difficulties, will collect items from the food bank every Tuesday morning in order to deliver the items to Longfleet Church Food Bank.

John Grinnell, centre manager at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, commented: “We’re delighted to have introduced the Dolphin’s first food bank. We’ve been working on this for a while and want to encourage people to donate edible food that would otherwise go to landfill.

“Every year in the UK, approximately 15 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away and nearly half of this is perfectly good to eat. We are looking to introduce small steps in order to address this staggering statistic.”

According to Dorset Waste Partnership, food waste takes up one fifth of Dorset’s rubbish bins, despite many residents separating out their food in brown bins. This is bad for the environment because waste mixed with food is either sent away for expensive treatment or goes to landfill, creating harmful gases and costing the council more in landfill tax. By introducing its food bank, the Dolphin hopes to make a difference to Poole’s environmental impact.

John added: “Food banks are at the forefront of the day-to-day fight against food waste and over-production. Thanks to your kind donations, edible food that would have otherwise gone to landfill, creating CO2 emissions and increasing water and energy wastage, will be given to those most in need.”

Owners of the centre, Legal & General (L&G), focus their efforts year-on-year on social values and have made it their CSR commitment to be a leader in sustainability. The introduction of the food bank is fully backed by L&G, to reinforce this commitment to the local Poole community.

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