Activity Sheets

With most of us now staying indoors, we need to keep ourselves and our families entertained!

We want to see how YOU are looking after yourselves and being creative at home.

Stuck for ideas? We’ve created a few activities you can enjoy in the safety of your own home.

To download activity sheets, click here:

Let’s Colour 1

Let’s Colour 2

Let’s Colour 3

Let’s Colour 4

Let’s Colour 5

Let’s Discover Woodland Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Do Brain Teaser

Let’s Do DIY Garden

Let’s Make Flight School

Let’s Make Origami Frog

For more information on Earth Day click here:

Planet Earth Needs Our Help Activity Sheets

Planet Earth Colouring in Dinosaur

Planet Earth Colouring in Eco Gardens

Worry Tree

Planet Earth Needs Our Help is an illustrated book created by Marylyn Cropley, more resources can be found here: