Dolphin Shopping Centre hosts Eco Craft Christmas Fair


The Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole has partnered with Friends of the Earth to bring a Christmas Fair with a sustainable twist to its Eco Hub at the end of the month.

The Eco Craft Christmas Fair will take place from Friday November 30 to Sunday December 2 between 12 am to 4pm on Friday, and 10am to 4pm at the weekend. Free to attend, the following exhibitors are confirmed:

·       East Dorset Friends of the Earth – a local group campaigning on both local and global issues, pushing for changes on causes that matter. They will be selling new and used gifts and cards.

·       Dorset Wildlife Trust – the largest conservation charity in Dorset, committed to ensuring there is a secure future for Dorset’s nature.

·       Planet Earth Needs Our Help – local publisher of storybooks for children, introducing climate change and sustainability themes.

·       Poole Transition – a local group of volunteers campaigning to introduce Morsbags – these are reusable, recycled and strong bags that will last for years and eliminate hundreds of plastic bags over its lifetime.

·       Poole Fair Trade – selling products from around the world, ensuring that the maximum share of profits goes to the producers themselves.

·       Makesmthng – a movement of makers helping to save resources by making, creating, repairing and sharing clothing.

The event calls on eco-conscious shoppers and keen recyclers to enjoy a Christmas Fair with a twist.

John Grinnell, centre manager at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, commented: “We hope to see lots of people attending our first Eco Craft Christmas Fair, supporting our vision to protect the environment and maintain a sustainable and commercially viable shopping destination.

“Being an environmentally sustainable shopping centre is hugely important for us. The centre’s Eco Hub is used for events like this to encourage sustainability and create an environment that encourages health and wellbeing.”

Attendees can expect to hear music from Ecotainment, a sustainable and ethical production company that provides mobile eco-discos. The Dolphin has also partnered with Poole Borough Environmental Services to provide activity materials for children during the Christmas Fair.

Organiser of the Eco Craft Christmas Fair, Martin Price from Friends of the Earth, commented: “The message of Christmas is one of love and respect – for other people, and also for this beautiful world we inhabit. We are encouraging people to choose gifts which reflect this spirit – fair to those who make them and less damaging to our environment.”

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